Look After Your Air Conditioning
Air conditioning systems naturally degrade over the years.

The refrigerent gas will slowly leak out of the A/C system approximatley 15-20% per year ,thereby making your system gradually less efficient until it finally stops working all together.

If you let your A/C system run out of refrigerent and you do not use the A/C for several months the chances are that the internal seals will dry out and could lead to refrigerent leaks once regassed and can work out a expensive repair.

We can also diagnose faults and repair leaks using our high-tech equipment. We begin by testing your system before recovering your refrigerant, then we will vacuum out the system to remove any moisture from the system.

Once your air conditioning has been vacuumed and refilled with refrigerant, we run the system to ensure that it is fully operational.

If your car has a stale smell from the air vents this is due to bacteria build up in the vents.We can provide an anti bacterial treatment to sanitize the system to keep the air fresh again.
We also advise to change pollen filters every 2 years, to ensure efficient system operation.