Having your car serviced regardless of age is very important,it keeps your vehicle performing at its optimum level and can pick up problems early and save you money in the long run.

Newer vehicles require servicing at specific times.

We service all newer vehicles in accordance to manufacturers servicing schedules,using genuine service parts or option of original quality replacements parts and can save up to 40% of main dealer servicing.

Vehicle Diagnostics
All modern vehicles have computers or Ecu’s(Electronic Control Units) that control many of your vehicles functions.

If you have any warning lights illuminated,once the engine has started,the onboard diagnostic system has detected a fault.This fault will be logged in the egine management system.

If your vehicle has problems starting,poor idling,high fuel consumption,high emissions or general running concerns,we can diagnose and repair the fault.

At Dragontek we have the latest Snap On diagnostic equipment to diagnose and repair most vehicles.