Avoid the excessive rates that lease companies charge on rented car repairs by coming to us. Dragontek Automotive repair damage quickly and effectively before you have to return your car to its owners, saving you money on expensive penalty charges.

Companies and individuals are spending a small fortune when they return their vehicles to the leasing company with damage. Inflated charges are incurred for what’s deemed to be excessive wear and tear.

We at Dragontek Automotive can dramatically reduce these costs with our Lease return service.

Bring the car to us and we will inspect your vehicle, using the same industry standards as the lease return inspectors and identify the things they are looking for.

We can put most of these problems right, with our full range of repair services. At a fraction of the cost. Saving you time, money and unnecessary paperwork.

Last year vehicle lease companies charged British Companies £120,000.000 in penalty charges* with most lease companies charging approx £300.00 per repair. We charge round about half this, and far less on most occasions “Should the repair actually need repairing in the first place”

* Source Fleet News Net FN50 – 2004

A copy of BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association) Fair Wear and Tear Guide can be ordered on line. “The aim of the BVRLA’s Fair Wear & Tear Guide is to provide an industry wide, accepted standard as to what constitutes fair wear & tear for contract hired Lease & Fleet vehicles. On their return to BVRLA Members at the end of contract hire.

We are also one of the few bodyshops in Oxfordshire that can cater for large commercial van repairs as we have an in house top of the range Junair commercial spraybooth/paint oven.

These services reduce the need for expensive claims, which in turn decreases your insurance renewal premium. Dragontek Automotive are dedicated to lowering your costs, so contact us today for help and advice.