We at Dragontek are the main suppliers and applicators for Stealthcoat®  Paint Protection Spray/Liquid wrap.


What is Stealthcoat ® ?

Stealthcoat ® is a sprayed on Polymer paint coating which is the new alternative to Vinyl wrap.

Unlike vinyl wrap it is indistinguishable to tell whether a car had been applied with the product.

The benefits with Liquid wrap are:

*Colour change the look of the car at a lower cost of a conventional paint respray.

*Stone chip/paint protection of the original vehicles paintwork.

*Easily removed leaving no glue residue on paint work.

*Superior gloss finish and colour definition compared to Vinyl wrap.

*High gloss/Satin and Matt finishes to overcoat existing paintwork also available.

*Clear paint protection also available.

Stealthcoat® is the only liquid wrap system currently on the market where we can match 95% of all Manufacturers colours and can also offer a liquid PPF (Paint protection film).

Our Stealthcoat ® Paint Protection film is a Spray solution that uses a high-tech clear plastic polymer coating that is sprayed onto the bodywork in a series of layers before being cured. This strong, elastic coating guards the paint work beneath against stone-chips and scratching.
We then apply a range of High Gloss,Pearl,Metallic,Matt and Satin finishes or even colour changing custom paint can also be achieved.
The overall finish is outstanding and matches the original paint finish of all cars and can be polished /waxed/ceramic coated just like the original paint.
Vinyl wraps will now be a thing of the past as the finish of Stealthcoat® is on another level and will be the future of removable films.